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    • CommentAuthorylq
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2019

    I heard fro. Although it has experienced many wars and earthquakes, it still stands tall. The craftsman who built the Chaoyang Tower was a master Newport 100S. The craftsman who built Tiananmen was an apprentice. Therefore, the Chaoyang Building is three stories, and the Tiananmen Gate has only two floors. This is between the ancients and the disciples, respecting the teacher's politeness, the performance of the "Little Tiananmen Square" on the top of the top of the raft, hanging the "Xiongzhen Southeast" four-characritten for the Qing Dynasty calligrapher Tu Rizhuo, although The pen is strong and strong, but not the best. Under the top floor of the flying raft, there are four traditional wild grasses of "Feixia Liuyun". I was deeply attracted to it. The mad grass strokes are flying dragon and phoenix dance, chic and elegant. Much like the masterpiece of Huai Su, the calligraphy of the Tang Dynasty. Because in the cursive script, what I admire most is Huai Su's wild grass, so I am familiar with his ink. The tour guide said: The four characters are the masterpieces of Cao Sheng Zhang Xu. I really can't believe it. I have studied the calligraphy of these two people. Zhang Xu��s mad grass is strong and strong, and it is not so chic and elegant. However, Zhang Xu is the founder of Mad Grass, and it is an indisputable fact. Zhang Xu is a good wine. He puts his passion into the calligraphy and painting. He is so intoxicated and crazy. I was able to get inspiration from the squad and the sword and the sword, creating the wild grass, ups and downs, moving and intertwined, unpredictable, showing a broad mind and rich imagination, known as "grass holy" and "Zhang Zhang The madness of the madness. Huai Su inherits Zhang Xu's wild grass and combines the strengths of each family. His wild grass, such as flowing water, spinning like a ring, unrestrained and smooth, in one go, changeable and free, its shape is shocking. So I think it is the handwriting of Huai Su. Huai Su was born out of childhood, smart and eager to learn, and was drunk on a day. Because I couldn't afford the paper, I was in the