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WITOLD PILECKI – VII Edition Historical Contest for 100 Years Anniversary of Regaining Independence by Poland

WITOLD PILECKI – VII edition Historical Contest for 100 Years Anniversary of Regaining Independence by Poland


 1. From which deity does the French word lundi (Monday) originate?
2. Who wrote: “Piłsudski was worth more than a division of trained soldiers or a reasonably politically seasoned government”?
3. On what date did Piłsudski arrive in Warsaw from Magdeburg?
4. What was the name of the organization that, in December 1917, called up the first Polish government?
5. In which year was the Small Constitution adopted?
6. The signing of which treaty signalled the end of the First World War?
7. For how many years was Poland partitioned?
8. What were the two most important tasks facing the reborn Poland?
9. In which country did a red-inspired revolution erupt among the workers?
10. Who wrote the words: “Poland is faced by a great question; is it to be a nation that is the equal of the great powers of the world, or is it to be a small country, dependent on the protection of the mighty?”

You’ll find the answers in the article:


Send to 11/12/2018

The Prizes in the Contest are: Album book about Polish history
music disc with patriotic music

E-mail address: konkurs@klubygp.pl

Statute of Historical Contest: Statute

Witold Pilecki – a celebration of Great Poles around the world to mark the centenary of Poland’s restoration of independence

A public project co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a competition entitled Cooperation in the Field of Public Diplomacy 2018

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